Mandalas are used in Buddhism and have many layers of meaning, but the preconceived paradigm references the end of human suffering, the attainment of enlightenment and the immanence of sanctity in the universe. The images in the ‘Flowers of Romance’ series function ironically, taking a side-swipe at notions of love and salvation. The ‘flowers’ of the title are not just beautiful but deadly, embracing masculine iconography of weapons and war to construct these neo-organic forms.

Previous bodies of work have also explored the nastiness within. The series ‘Looking for Love’ uses saturated pigments and transparent layers of imagery to bring together text with coy titles such as ‘Kissing Games’ and ‘Bedtime Kiss’, and line drawings of jet planes dropping parachuting soldiers or cluster bombs.

There is no attempt in the work to reconcile irreconcilable opposites, in fact the juxtaposition of beauty and death are meant to deceive: candy colours deliberately distract attention from the violence within the images. The intention is neither political nor pessimistic; no comment is made. Violence, beauty and death are a fact of life.

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