• Forever
  • looking for Love
  • looking for Love
  • Forever 2
  • Three Crosses
  • Darkness
  • vertigo (Pity)
  • looking for Love
  • The Infinite Pursuit
  • vertigo (Fear)
  • vertigo (Desire)
  • looking for Love
  • Darkness Detail


Ambiguity reinforces themes that are central in JP Willis’s body of work, beneath the surface are tensions and dichotomy, a ‘real’ meaning versus a ‘surface’ meaning. The threat implicit is disguised with sugar coating and candy colours.

Self-contained, uncompromising and contemporary, Willis examines the world around him with a painter’s sensibility. His steady output has created a body of work laced through with the same dystopian themes: the nastiness of humanity, and the inevitability of the cruel twist.

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